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The ultimate laptop companion for IT administrators, home and business users. The MultiNetwork Manager will quickly get you connected at a new location. If you think that you will revisit a location, simply save the current location into a profile that can be applied upon a returned visit. While the benefits of working from at home, a client site or perhaps a coffee shop can be great, it is also very often the root of a great deal of frustration. We need more than just a movable laptop. We need our laptop to connect to the Internet, corporate LANs and home networks. And to do this securely we need to deal not only with connectivity barriers but also with VPNs, personal firewalls, proxies, printers, mapped drives and e-mail clients etc. ? As an end-user, enjoy the freedom of Laptop Roaming without the need for technical specialists, IT-support or more than general PC user knowledge. - Connection wizard, wired, wireless, high speed and dial-up - Detect unknown networks and through policies e.g. enable firewall and disable sharing - Easily share wireless security settings with other people - Find and set default printer, never print on the wrong printer again - Save successful configurations into profiles allowing you to reconnect at e.g. a client site ? As an IT administrator, enjoy the possibility of securely providing Laptop roaming for your end users while staying in control and within budget. - Enhance security through remote policies based on network detection - Create profiles for different situations or locations through advanced components (e.g. registry, environment, scripts etc.) ? Intuitive layout and design provides a familiar feeling for both users of previous MultiNetwork Manager versions and users who are already familiar with Microsoft applications. MultiNetwork Manager 9 makes the above simple and secure!

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